Some materials require the use of sub-micron sized oxide polishing suspensions to remove the last deformations. For general applications alumina suspension is used, and for the more demanding applications silica suspensions are the best choice. The silica suspensions perform a chemical-mechanical polishing action. During polishing, the sample surface is slightly attacked. The resulting layer is removed by the sub-micron silica grains, leaving the sample surface absolutely deformation-free. For water sensitive materials or materials with water sensitive inclusions our water-free fumed silica suspension is recommended.

All our oxide polishing suspensions are non-crystallizing, non-settling and contain an anti-drying agent to make the cleaning easier.

Our wide selection of silica and alumina suspensions for final polishing of different materials includes:

  • The super fine grained colloidal silica or the slightly coarser fumed silica suspensions in grain sizes from 0.050 μm to 0.2 μm (50 to 200 nm).
  • A unique water-free suspension of 0.2 μm fumed silica.
  • A pH neutral alumina suspension.