Polishing has to remove the deformations introduced during grinding and provide a highly reflective finish, so the samples can be examined on the microscope. Our polishing products are developed and optimised to provide the best result in the shortest time at an affordable cost.

Polishing Cloths
Akasel has a large selection of polishing cloths that are used according to sample material and preparation step. All of our polishing cloths are available in both a self-adhesive (Aka-) and a magnetic (Mag-) version. The Aka-cloths are glued directly onto an aluminium disc and the Mag-cloths are pre-laminated on steel discs for easy placement and exchange on a magnetic support disc.

Diamond Products
Akasel has a wide range of diamond products of the highest imaginable quality ensuring the best possible polishing result every time. Diamond products include 2-in-1 diamond suspensions, diamond suspensions to be used with lubricants, diamond sticks, diamond sprays and diamond pastes. Our diamond products are available with poly- and monocrystalline diamonds and in grain sizes 15-0.05 µm depending on the product.

Oxide Polishing Suspensions
For the final polishing step, where the very last deformations have to be removed, sub-micron sized oxide polishing suspensions are used. For general applications alumina suspension is used, and for the more demanding applications silica suspensions are the best choice.

All diamond products other than our 2-in-1 suspensions require the addition of a lubricant during preparation. The lubricant serves as lubricating and cooling liquid. Akasel probably offers the broadest range of lubricants, enabling our customers to choose exactly the product they need.