Cutting is the first step in sample preparation, if you need a manageable size of your sample material. The aim of cutting is to obtain a surface that is plane, with a minimum of mechanical deformation and thermal damage. Our Aka-Cut cut-off wheels are optimized for different materials to obtain the best and most uniform cutting result every time. The following preparation steps will be faster when the correct cut-off wheel has been selected for sectioning.

Abrasive cut-off wheels can be used for cutting materials with a hardness of 50-1000 HV. These cut-off wheels are optimized to provide high surface quality, long lifetime and maximum reproducibility. Aka-Cut Fe60 and Aka-Cut Fe50 are optimized for very hard and hard steels. Aka-Cut 500 HV is optimized for ferrous metals with a hardness of approximately 250-500 HV. Aka-Cut Ti20 is optimized for titanium and titanium alloys. Aka-Cut NF10 is the perfect choice for non-ferrous metals, like aluminium, copper and their alloys.

Precision cut-off wheels Aka-Cut 1000 HV, Aka-Cut 700 HV and Aka-Cut 400 HV are the optimal choices for high precision cutting. Our precision cut-off wheels are available in 150 mm dia.

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