Available in grit sizes P80-P2400 (250 µm – 6 µm)

Our diamond grinding discs Aka-Piatto and Aka-Piatto+ are the optimal choice for plane and fine grinding of all types of materials. They have a unique, wear compensating surface design that provides a very long lifetime and continuously high material removal. Furthermore, due to being on a thin, rigid steel plate, optimum planeness and edge retention are guaranteed. One Aka-Piatto can replace 200-300 pieces of regular grinding paper, making it very cost-effective.

Aka-Piatto+ has the same features as Aka-Piatto, but twice the diamond concentration. This makes Aka-Piatto+ the perfect choice for the preparation of brittle samples like ceramics, cermets (e.g. CMC; Ceramic Matrix Composites) and sintered carbides. The very high diamond concentration makes the abrasion less aggressive due to a lower specific pressure. Aka-Piatto+ has a very long lifetime.

Aka-Piatto and Aka-Piatto+ are colour-coded to facilitate identification of the different diamond grinding discs. We recommend #80, #120 and #220 for plane grinding and #600, #1200 and #2400 for fine grinding.

The diamond grinding discs have to be opened with a dressing stick before the first use and dressed once in a while afterwards to ensure a continuously high removal rate.