Our accessories help you obtain the best possible mounting result. For example by keeping your sample in the correct position while curing, making it easy to get the mount released from the mould or protecting the sample after preparation.

Moulds or mounting cups can be used for all types of cold mounting resins. The built-in bevel minimizes the risk of ripping the cloth or grinding paper when preparing your samples. The moulds are available in sizes from 25 – 50 mm dia.

When cold mounting, you should use Aka-NoStick Liquid to coat the inside of your mould. This ensures that you more easily can get your mount out of the mould when cured. For hot mounting, Aka-NoStick Powder should be applied on the upper and lower ram of the mounting press to prevent the resin from sticking.

Protection Caps are used to cover the samples after the preparation. This will prevent the sample surface from getting scratched or damaged in other ways.

Cold Mounting Mixing Kit contains mixing cups and sticks, so you can mix your resin effortlessly.

Mounting clips make sure that your sample stays in place when the resin is curing. Aka-Clip Stainless Steel are steel springs and used for holding individual samples. Aka-TrioClip Black are plastic clips that stand on thin legs to minimize the contact of the softer plastic with the sample in the level of preparation. This reduces the risk of contamination and edge rounding.