Mounting provides protection/support of the sample surface, makes it easier to handle the sample, allows for several small samples in one mount and gives uniform sizes for clamping in a sample holder. Hot mounting compounds are to be used in a mounting press, where they are processed at high pressure and temperature. Depending on your mounting requirements, several different resins are available:

Aka-Resin, Epoxy is a black, mineral-filled thermosetting epoxy resin for the best possible mounting result with very low shrinkage and best edge retention.

Aka-Resin, Melamine is a white, mineral-filled thermosetting melamine resin for universal mounting with very low shrinkage. Optimal for hardness testing due to the contrast the white colour provides.

Aka-Resin, Acrylic is a transparent thermoplastic acrylic resin for crystal clear mounts.

Aka-Resin, Phenolic SEM is a black, carbon-filled thermosetting phenolic resin for conductive mounting used in SEM work.

Aka-Resin, Phenolic is a black, wood-filled thermosetting phenolic resin for routine mounting of samples or back-filling.