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Metallographic Consumables

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High-quality consumables and optimized preparation methods for metallography.

US Distribution

Advanced Met is the official US distributor for Akasel products.

Advanced Met Services Metallographic Consumables

Advanced Met Services brings over 40 years combined experience to the materials science, metallographic, and sample prep world. We distribute high quality cutting edge metallographic consumables and equipment to the metals, plastics, electronics, aerospace, automotive, and medical fields as well as traditional R&D and education markets in the United States and Canada. Our methods challenge the standard ways of material prep and analysis by providing smarter more efficient third generation products and techniques that when combined with a bit of traditional know how make end results better, faster, and more consistent.

We strive to be your partner in materials analysis. Take a look inside and see how innovation transforms the prep of the past. Our full catalog will be available online soon, please contact us for direct sales in the meantime. Our product lines are available to view at

Akasel Metallography Consumables