Mounting provides protection/support of the sample surface, makes it easier to handle the sample, allows for several small samples in one mount and gives uniform sizes for clamping in a sample holder. Cold mounting resins cure through a chemical reaction. We have two different systems available that both consist of two components that cure after being mixed together:

Epoxy provides optimal edge retention and the best possible mount quality. It can also be used for vacuum impregnation of fragile and porous samples. Our Epoxy system consist of a liquid resin and a range of liquid hardeners. Aka-Resin Liquid Epoxy, the liquid resin, has to be mixed with either Aka-Cure QuickAka-Cure Slow or Aka-Cure Slow-2. Each hardener provides different advantages.

Our acrylic resin is a fast curing, transparent system with a slightly yellowish tint. Aka-Clear-2 consist of a powder and a liquid that cures in 8 minutes. Due to complete visibility, without having to use a pressure pot, it is ideal for failure analysis and in the preparation of electronic components.