Akasel probably offers the broadest range of lubricants, enabling our customers to choose exactly the product they need. Lubricants serve as lubricating and cooling liquid. All our lubricants are optimised to provide high removal rate and optimal surface finish in the shortest possible time at an affordable cost.

Our water-based lubricants and Aka-Lube Clear are based on a two-component system and contain particles sized in the nano range to allow the lubricant to get into the area where the actual cutting action between the diamonds and the sample is taking place. Therefore, these lubricants are the optimal choice for the highest possible removal rate and finest surface finish.

Ranged after lowest viscosity/smearing effect, our water-based lubricants are as following:

  • Aka-Lube Clear+ is a polymer-based lubricant. It is the thinnest lubricant available and recommended to be used for hard materials and for very high material removal.
  • Aka-Lube Green is slightly thicker than Aka-Lube Clear+. It is recommended when both high material removal and surface finish is important.
  • Aka-Lube Yellow is used for polishing of a wide range of samples. It has properties that range between Aka-Lube Green and Aka-Lube Red and can therefore be used as a general lubricant or where Aka-Lube Green is too aggressive.
  • Aka-Lube Red is the thickest of our lubricants and thus used for soft and sensitive materials.

Our water-free lubricants are as following:

  • Aka-Lube Clear WF is a water-free version of Aka-Lube Clear+ with very low viscosity used for fast preparation of water sensitive materials.
  • Aka-Lube Blue is a traditional, ethanol-based lubricant with excellent cooling used for fast, automated preparation.
  • Aka-Lube Blue Concentrate is Aka-Lube Blue without ethanol. As it is not flammable it is much less expensive to ship but it requires to be mixed with ethanol before use.